We just wrapped up several wonderful benefit events ... The Community Fundraiser, The Snowbasin Benefit Dinner and A Gift of Music Concert.  Our family is overwhelmed at the outpouring of concern, love and generosity of those who helped organized and participated in these events.  The most enjoyable part for us has been spending time with old friends and meeting new ones.  We truly feel uplifted and are grateful for all your support!
It was "sick" fun to work out with you at 5 or 6 a.m. and I really enjoyed meeting new people and reconnecting with old workout friends again.  Something about completing boot camp first thing in the morning, helps me know I can make it through other "hard" things during the day!  Many thanks to all you who came and helped out with your generous donations --- and Becky leading us through!  Lou
We're excited for the Car & Bike Show on Saturday sponsored by Peter's "family" at Hertz in Ogden.  Cathy from Hertz helped set PJ up with a sweet deal on a truck this week.  We are so grateful for this support.  We'd love to see you on
The Berg Family would like to thank everyone for their generous donations. PJ, an accomplished artist, is preparing thank-you gifts for anyone who joins the 3000 Club! Please leave your name and address when you checkout on PayPal.  See Art by PJ Berg (Facebook)